Chibi Maruko-chan is one of Japan’s longest running anime franchiss. And yes, it’s a lot older than One Piece folks! And as the anime is celebrating its milestone 30th anniversary, the official website has announced that it’s getting a 1-Hour TV special on 19th January!

This new TV special will feature two stories about Maruko. The first will be titled “Maruko to Tama-chan, Futari no Bouken”, while second one’s title is “Aru Hi no Tarou”. The special will also announce the results from last year’s character popularity poll and favorite scenes poll.

The first anime series ran from 1990 to 1992, before returning with a second series in 1995, and it’s still airing to this day. We certainly ain’t kidding when we say that it surpasses One Piece in episode count. The anime is based on the late Momoko Sakura’s popular manga about a little girl named Maruko. It follows her daily life, as well as her interactions with family and friends.

Source: Chibi Maruko-chan official website