Universal Studios Japan (USJ) finally kicks off their Cool Japan attractions for 2020 starting today! And one of the biggest attractions is Detective Conan: The World, which will include the park-wide Detective Conan Mystery Challenge, the Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant, and Detective Conan: The Escape. The latter of which will act as a prequel of sorts to the Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet anime film.

Shuichi Akai himself will be appearing in the Escape Game, which is a collaboration between USJ and SCRAP. Other characters, such as Ran Mori and Kogoro Mori will also be appearing as well.

And not only that, but the theme park is also displaying Shuichi Akai’s red Ford Mustang near Stage 18.

Here’s how USJ’s English page describes the attraction:

With a guest satisfaction score of 99 percent, this super realistic escape room now features none other than Agent Akai!

A brand-new sports facility has received a threat from the Morph Bomber!

Team up with Conan and Akai to unravel each mystery to get out alive! Flex your reasoning skills and enjoy the sweet taste of victory.

But it’s not just Conan that’s shining in USJ. Attack on Titan is back in the theme park with the all-new Attack on Titan XR Ride. Oricon has recently released a new video for the ride, and shows viewers what to expect:

Other attractions include the Lupin the Third: The Live performances, as well as new Monster Hunter World: Iceborne VR attraction.

These attractions will run from 21st January until 28th June. They will announce more details on the Monster Hunter Attraction in spring 2020.

Source: DTimes