Who would ever thought that fashion magazine, Vogue, is really coming together with Final Fantasy? This is because Vogue Italia is featuring an artwork for its cover, instead of the usual photograph of a model. And it isn’t just some artist that drew this illustration, but Final Fantasy’s very own Yoshitaka Amano!

The illustration features Amano’s take on American model Lindsey Wixson. The model herself also posted the cover illustration on her instagram page. Wixson is best known for her lips, which has a natural “rosebud pout”. Amano captured that famous shape in his art.

As for what the model is wearing in that artwork, the magazine revealed that it’s Gucci.

Amano made a name for himself in his illustrations for the Final Fantasy video game franchise. In the newer games, he is also the one designing the logos. He is one of the most respected illustrators in Japan, and that is saying a lot given the country’s deep pool of artistic talent.

source: Lindsay Wixson’s instagram page