Top Japanese vocalist LiSA has announced her marriage to long-time boyfriend Tatsuhisa Suzuki of OLDCODEX. The announcement was made today via her official website.

To everyone who has always been supporting me,

I would like to announce that I, LiSA, have married Tatsuhisa Suzuki.

Suzuki-san is a person who will strongly support you when you have any troubles in your daily life.

Not just for me but for both of us, thinking of our lives together, we have decided to get married.

For everyone who has always believed in me, to those who have shared important moments with me — I will bring the best music, the best concerts, and always a “Great Day” to you all!

From now on as well, LiSA will bring it with her entire being.

Thank you very much for your support.

Kyou mo ii hi da!

22 January 2020

We would like to wish LiSA and Suzuki-san all the best in their newly wedded life!