Shoji Kawamori is a busy man. Not only does he serve as mecha designer for various anime franchises, as well as creator of the Macross franchise, he is also making various appearances to fans in various anime events around the world. However, it seems that his schedule got even busier. This is because he will also be serving as Chief Creative Officer of Small Worlds Theme Park.

The theme park will open on 25th April in Ariake, Tokyo. It will showcase miniature versions of several cities, such as Hong Kong and London, as well as several anime cities. These include Evangelion’s Tokyo-3 and Sailor Moon’s Crystal Tokyo.

Kawamori himself has been involved with the project for five years now, In fact, he is designing mich of the theme park’s Space Center and Future Area. He even designed a hypothetical civilian space center. he says that it could even be built somewhere here in Asia in the near future. The Kawamori-designed spaceport exhibit will feature miniature space tourists, as well as six different types of Space Shuttles.

The theme park will feature plenty of miniature exhibitions, and will use various special effects in these displays. They include magnetic underground motors, projection mapping, and even smoke machines.

Shoji Kawamori is best known as the man behind the Macross franchise, However, he is also behind the mecha designs for various other franchises, including Patlabor and Eureka Seven. He is also credited as the creator of the Aquarion franchise, as well as The Vision of Escaflowne.

Source: Small Worlds Tokyo