Brace yourselves Pokefans, because Pokemon has a new animated feature film. And now, the Pokemon Company has revealed that its official title is Pokemon the Movie: Koko. They even released a brand new teaser trailer, as well as a new key visual:

According to both the visual and the teaser trailer, this film will premiere on 10 July 2020. It will serve as the 23rd film in the entire Pokemon franchise, with OLM once again animating it. Tetsuo Yajima, who also directed the 2018 Pokemon film, The Power of Us, will be returning at the helm of this new project.

The staff also confirmed that Rica Matsumoto is returning as Ash/Satoshi, while Ikue Ootani is also coming back as Pikachu.

This new film will also be the first all-new anime film in the franchise, as Detective Pikachu is more of a live-action film, and Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution is a remake of Pokemon: The First Movie.

Source: Comic Natalie