In 2017, Shonen Jump announced that One Piece is getting a live-action adaptation. And now, Netflix has announced that the project is indeed moving forward! It will be a Netflix exclusive. Mangaka Eiichiro Oda even released a statement to Netflix regarding the exclusivity deal:

I know I announced the production of this back in 2017, but these things take time! Preparations have been slowly progressing behind the scenes, and it seems that I can finally make the big announcement: , the world’s leading streaming entertainment service, will be lending us their tremendous production support! This is so encouraging!! How far will the story progress over the 10 episodes of Season 1? Who will be cast!? Please be patient a little longer and stay tuned!!Netflix

The first season of the series will have 10 episodes, with Eiichiro Oda himself acting as executive producer.

Prison Break producer, Marty Adelstein’s Tomorrow Studios will be handling the TV show’s production. And if Tomorrow Studios sounds familiar to all you anime fans out there, it’s because they’re also producing the live-action Cowboy Bebop TV series.

They haven’t really revealed much about this new One Piece live-action TV series though. However, series creator, Eiichiro Oda previously released a statement regarding the adaptation decision. In his statement, Oda revealed that throughout his 20 years in doing One Piece, he’s had plenty of live-action adaptation talks before. However, he has now found a “good partner” and he asked fans to look forward to more announcements. He also said that he told the Hollywood producers of his condition, and that he’ll never betray his fans.

Plenty of live-action One Piece rumors have circulated all over, and it seems like Oda finally found one he likes. Of course, fans had mixed reactions to the news, with some obviously wary of another live-action adaptation. However, there are also a few who are keeping their hopes up in case this one turns out to be great.

source: NX Twitter Page