Amazon Prime Video has dropped some big news for all you GTO fans out there, because Onizuka is back! They announced that a live-action film adaptation of Tohru Fujisawa’s Tohru Fujisawa’s GTO: The Early Years (Shounan Junai-gumi) manga, which serves as a prequel to the widely popular manga and anime series. They also released a brand new visual featuring the much-feared Onibaku duo themselves, Onizuka and Ryuji:

Kanichirou will be starring as a younger Eikichi Onizuka, while Daichi Kaneko will star as his partner-in-crime, Ryuji Danma.

In the manga, the two are infamous biker gang members known for their ferocity and skill in riding their motorbikes. However, it seems that the two of them are getting tired of the thug life, and want to leave their gang. And the main reason for this is so that they can try and lose their virginity… Just Onizuka being Onizuka I guess…

Eiji Uchida will serve as both CHief Director and writer of the movie, with Yusaku Matsumoto and Nobuhiro Suzumura serving as co-directors. Noriko Katou, Hime Rina, and Shinichi Nomura are also penning the scripts alongside Uchida. Amazon Prime Video will exclusively release the film starting 28th February.

SourceComic Natalie