Pokemon has now released their Pokemon Direct Livestream. And as promised, it had several huge announcements, including Pokemon Home! It’s a new cloud-based service available not just for the Nintendo Switch, but also iOS and Android devices as well. According to the announcement, the service will launch in February 2020.

The service allows users to bring over Pokemon from other games. This includes the Pokemon Bank and Pokemon GO, as well as the main line games Let’s Go Pikachu, Let’s Go Eevee, Sword, and Shield.

And not only that, but the Pokemon Direct livestream also announced two new expansions as well. They will release “The Isle of Armor” expansion in June and “The Crown Tundra” expansion in fall.

The expansions will feature new story content, as well as new Pokemon. It will also add more Gigantamax forms of existing Pokemon, as well as new gyms.

And the best part is that those players who don’t get the new expansions will be getting the newly-added Pokemon for free. A free update will launch and it will allow everyone with the Sword and Shield games access to the new Pokemon.

Source: Pokemon Direct livestream