Sega Games has announced that their mobile RPG, Hortesia Saga, is getting a TV anime adaptation. LIDEN FILMS will be handling the animation, and they also released a new announcement video:

They also announced that MY FIRST STORY, which performed Golden Kamuy’s theme song, is also responsible for this anime’s OP.

The smartphone RPG the anime will be based on launched for both iOS and Android platforms back in 2015. It’s setting is the Kingdom of Hortensia, and players take the role of a young feudal lord who learns the kingdom’s secrets. Players recruit party members and then build parties of five characters from different classes, each of which have different abilities.

LIDEN FILMS, which will be animating the series, previously animated a video for the game, as well as producing OP movies for the game’s Hortensia Saga Zero storyline.

Source: Sega