Seiyuu Kaito Ishikawa is in hot water right now, and it was so big that he got fired from a role. You see, it seems that the popular seiyuu made some inappropriate remarks during a radio show, and it was enough for him to get fired from the role of Kanbai Koshino from the anthropomorphic sake series, Miki no Mikoto.

It isn’t really clear what the My Hero Academia seiyuu has said to land him in trouble. It seems that he has admitted that he doesn’t really drink sake… all the while voicing an anthropomorphic version of a sake brand.

Ishikawa’s character in the series, Kanbai Koshino, is considered one of the most popular characters in the franchise. Miki no Mikoto staff released a statement which said that his statement lacked consideration and it was inappropriate. This is why they are dropping him from the role.

In the statement, the Miki no Mikoto staff also revealed that he already has a replacement. Hiroki Takahashi will now be taking over the role.

The sake anime boys franchise features ikemen versions of sake brands. It is also inspiring a 13-episode TV anime this year. And with Ishikawa already out, expect Takahashi’s voice to be the one voicing Kanbai Koshino for the anime moving forward.

source: Spoinichi Annex via Livedoor News