Sony recently held their CES conference last 6th January. And there, they made a ton of big announcements, including ones for their PlayStation consoles. This includes the new logo for the upcoming PlayStation 5, which looks more like the PS4 logo.

In addition, Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan has released the latest sales numbers for the PlayStation 4 console. They have now sold approximately 106 million units since release, while the PS VR headset has solt over 5 million units already. Meanwhile, Sony has already sold 1.15 billion games for the PS4.

But that’s not all, because Sony surprised everyone because they are now entering the automobile industry! They announced the Sony Vision S electric car.

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Sony describes the car as:

CMOS image sensors which achieve high sensitivity, high definition and high dynamic range while also suppressing LED flicker*3 to deliver accurate object recognition, even in situations where conventionally detection has been difficult.

Solid State LiDAR which uses highly accurate distance measurement to gain a precise 3D grasp of real-life spaces.

Sensor fusion technology which merges the capabilities of sensors of varied attributes to enable early and accurate recognition, even in challenging conditions such as fog, backlight and night-time driving.

Time-of-Flight (ToF) in-cabin sensing solutions use distance measurement technology to detect and recognize people and objects inside the car. This information is used to provide an optimized infotainment system with intuitive interfaces such as gesture control and improve safety and comfort inside the vehicle.

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