Well, it looks like Studio Ghibli has now released their first work of the 2020’s. However, it’s not an ambitious anime movie, or a Hayao Miyazaki Oscar nominee. No, it’s a Lawson commercial.

The video follows Saki who works form the convenience store chain. She is the same kid from the previous Lawson x Studio Ghibli collaboration back in 2001, and she’s now all grown up. And that’s not all, because the seiyuu voicing the video are all Lawson employees.

But the biggest kicker is that the guy who directed this commercial is another Japanese Oscar winner, Kunio Kato, who won the Academy Award for Best Short Film with La Maison en Petits Cubes. Other big names that also worked on the commercial are Tomohiko Ishii and Toshio Suzuki, as well as planner Osamu Tanabe.

Source: Lawson