The story of Oregairu finally comes to a close with its third and final season, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU: Fin. And now, the staff have revealed new details on this upcoming anime, particularly the theme song performers.

According to the announcement, Yanagi Nagi will be performing the yet-to-be-titled OP song. Meanwhile Saori Hayami and Nao Touyama are performing the ED as their respective characters, Yukino Yukinoshita and Yui Yuigahama.

This new season will premiere sometime in spring 2020. It will cover the final arc of Wataru Watari’s hit light novel series, including the finale.

The main cast from the previous seasons are reprising their roles, and they include:

  • Takuya Eguchi as Hachiman Hikigaya
  • Saori Hayami as Yukino Yukinoshita
  • Nao Touyama as Yui Yuigahama
  • Ayane Sakura as Iroha Isshiki

Much of the staff are also returning, including director Kei Oikawa over at studio feel.

source: MoCa News