Wataru Watanabe’s Yowamushi Pedal manga got a lot of people into cycling. And now, it is finally getting a live-action film adaptation. The staff announced it will premiere in Japan on 14th August, and it will star King & Prince idol Ren Nagase as Sakamichi Onoda.

Nagase has been bicycle training since December just for the role. And he will really need that training, as Onoda is quite known for his high cadence when cycling, especially uphill. No doubt that training was grueling.

The staff also announced that actress Kanna Hashimoto will also be in the film as team manager Miki Kanzaki. Meanwhile, Kentarou Ito is playing Sakamichi’s teammate, Shunsuke Imaizumi. Kouichirou Miki is directing this live-action project.

Yowamushi Pedal anime synopsis via Crunchyroll:

Onoda Sakamichi is a rather timid, anime-loving first-year student at Sohoku High School. Upon entering high school, he tried to join the anime research club, but after meeting Imaizumi Shunsuke, a renowned cyclist since middle school, and Naruko Shoukichi, who swept the Kansai cycling championship, he ended up joining the competitive cycling club

Source: Comic Natalie