Before next month’s awarding ceremony, the organisers of the 14th Annual Seiyu Awards have now announced the winners of their various special prizes. In particular, these are the winners of the Merit Award, as well as the Kei Tomiyama and Kazue Takahashi Awards.

Winners includes:

Merit Award (Seiyuu who contributed to the industry across various genres, including foreign works)

Minoru Yada (Doctor Shikishima from Gigantor and Baikinsennin from Soreike! Anpanman)

Makoto Kousaka (Mari Sakurano from Reideen the Brave and Hiromi Oka from Ace o Nerae!)

Kei Tomiyama Award (For Male seiyuu who have been active on every field of acting): Yuu Mizushima (Mars from God Mars, Mark Hamill’s Japanese dub actor)

Kazue Takahashi Award (For Female seiyuu who have been active on every field of acting): Rica Fukami (Original Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon, Myung Fang Lone from Macross Plis, Japanese dub actress for Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock)

The organisers will also announce the winners of the other awards, such as Best Newcomer, Best Actor, and Best Actress, as well as the new awards like th MVS (Most Valuable Seiyuu) and the Influencer Award, during the awarding Ceremony on 7th March. It will happen at the Bunka Housou Media Plus Hall.

Source: MoCa News