The 2020 Pokemon Oceania International Junior Championships has now officially wrapped up, and it was a proud moment for Singapore. However, what surprised many was not because the winner is a girl or she’s Singaporean, but because she’s 7-years old! That’s tight folks, seven-year-old Simone Lim won the Junior Championship division in the Pokemon Oceania International Championships, beating older and more experienced competitors along the way!

Her finals opponent, Justin Miranda-Radbord, is no slouch either, winning the Hartford Regional Championships and going into the finals with a record of 5-0 for the tournament. However, the plucky 7-year old managed to win the whole tournament. This is also her first time playing at a competitive level. And hey, she even impressed famous e-Sports consultant Rod Breslau!

And she looks adorable when she finally won too!

She also gave an adorable post-game interview, all while clutching her stuffed Eevee. Victory Road VGC asked why she used Crunch on Dusclops instead of attacking Rhyperior. To this, she just simply answered  “Because I knew he was gonna protect the Rhyperior”. An excellent read, and an excellent play. She certainly has a bright future ahead of her too!

Congratulations Simone Lim, you’ve made us all so proud!

Source: Pokemon Official Twitter Page