Zombie Land Saga aimed to “Save Saga” from a story standpoint. However, it did much more for a real-life perspective, as it attracted a ton of anime tourists who want to check out the real-life locations that the anime featured. And now, TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting will air a documentary about these Zombie Land Saga “Holy Sites”.

Comedian Atsushi Tamura will host the program, which is titled London Atsushi’s Zombie Land Saga Holy Land Pilgrimage along with actor Hideki Morimoto and TVQ announcer Kana Yamazaki. Then three will visit at least five actual locations featured in the anime.

These areas will be around Karatsu and Imari, which are full of sites featured in the anime. This includes the Karatsu Station Square’s Red Lion statue, Karatsu City Furusato Hall Arpino, and of course. the former Mitsubishi Goushi Kaisha Karatsu Branch Honkan building where the zombies lived in the anime.

They will also be visiting the Drive-In Tori Imari restaurant, as well as the Saga Castle History Museum.

As for the program itself, it premieres on 24th February via TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting.

Source: Comic Natalie