It looks like Aniplex is deving deeper into visual novels. This is because they have launched their very own visual novel brand, ANIPLEX.EXE. It will soon be available for Steam, and they even released a teaser trailer:

Aniplex US describes the new VN brand as:

Utilizing the powerful and unique entertainment experience only a visual novel can provide, ANIPLEX.EXE’s goal is to bring the world a novel way to play. Coming to Steam!! ANIPLEX.EXE is thrilled to confirm the North American release of its two highly anticipated inaugural projects: “ATRI -My Dear Moments-“, developed by the creators of “The Fruit of Grisaia”, Frontwing and Makura; and “Adabana Odd Tales”, developed by Liar-soft, the makers of “Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning” and “Kindred Spirits on the Roof.”

Two of their inaugural projects, now have their own Steam Pages, and they will be releasing them sometime later this year. They are ATRI -My Dear Moments- and Adabana Odd Tales.

About ATRI -My Dear Moments-:

“As the world sank, I found you.” In the near future, a sudden and unexplained sea rise has left much of human civilization underwater. In a little town slowly being enveloped by the ocean, an unforgettable summer is about to begin for a boy and a mysterious robot girl…

About Adabana Odd Tales:

“This is a tale of flowers that never bloom.” Shirohime, a girl who has lost her memory, and Kurofude, a mysterious boy, traverse through classic Japanese fairy tales within the land of Adabana, a realm of illustrated books. What awaits them after they mend the distorted tales?

Source: Aniplex