Daisuke Ono has voiced a ton of iconic anime characters. And now, he will be lending his voice to one particular Pokemon master! According to the Pokemon anime’s official Twitter Page, the Jojo seiyuu will be voicing Dande… or to English speakers, Leon!

Ono commented that he’s a fan of the Pokemon anime before. And now that he’s a part of the series, he says he can now feel the heart and emotion of everyone who has worked on the anime. He also told fans to watch out for Dande/Leon once he appears on the anime.

Daisuke Ono has voiced plenty of iconic characters, from Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler) to Jotaro Kujo (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure). He also voices Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!!) and Erwin Smith (Attack on Titan).

source: @anipoke_PR