Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet will serve as the 24th film in Gosho Aoyama’s bestselling franchise. And now, the anime’s staff have released a brand new trailer for the upcoming film. It also introduces us to the film’s theme song “Eien no Fuzaishoumei” by Jrock band Tokyo Jihen.

Shonen Sunday previously revealed some story details for this new film. According to the magazine, the story’s focus will be on FBI agent Shuichi Akai and his two youngest siblings, professional shogi player Shukichi Haneda and high school detective Masumi Sera, as well as his mother, Masumi Sera. It will happen during the world’s largest sporting event, the World Sports Games (WSG), which is taking place in Tokyo. And because of the games, a new train called the Japanese Bullet will debut, and will have its first run from Shin Nagoya Station to Tokyo Station. However, during a party by the train’s major sponsors, several top executives get themselves kidnapped. And because of this, Conan deduces that these kidnappings have been occuring in previous WSG events.

Tomoka Nagaoka, who directed the previous film, Fist of Blue Sapphire is returning to direct this new one as well. It will premiere on 17th April 2020.

Source: Comic Natalie