The VTuber craze is still going strong. And now, prefectural governments in Japan is jumping in on the craze in order to help promote tourism in their areas. One of them is Iwate Prefecture, who launched their own official Virtual YouTuber, Sachiko:

The Iwate government describes her as a martial artist proficient in the use of the Naginata. As Iwate is a historical prefecture steeped in Samurai traditions, she’s also a big fan of historical drama. Oh, and she’s quite kind and polite as well. In addition, Iwate native Mikoi Sasaki (Hercule Barton from Milky Holmes) will be voicing her.

She now has her own social media accounts and YouTube channel… because you can’t be a YouTuber without a YouTube channel, right? As for her social media accounts, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram if you’d like.

Source: Iwate Prefecture official website