Legendary seiyuu Kikuko Inoue is a proud mom, and even posted about her daughter, Honoka’s 22nd birthday. However, even her daughter’s birthday cannot derail her claims of being forever 17-years old. In fact, the 55 17-year old seiyuu says her daughter is now FIVE YEARS OLDER THAN HER!

As for Honoka, she’s also following in her “teen” mom’s footsteps. No, she’s not claiming to also be 17, but she is now also a seiyuu, making her debut in 2015. Her mom thanked everyone in a tweet for supporting Honoka and hopes that they would continue supporting her as well.

Kikuko is best known as one of the seiyuu who sparked the 90’s seiyuu boom, where people started treating seiyuu more as celebrities. She voiced Belldandy in Oh my Goddess!, as well as Macross Frontier’s Grace O’Connor. As for her daughter, Honoka has voiced Tomoe Kawakita from Cinderella Nine, Ruby Azumi from Between the Sky and Sea, and Sakura Uzuki from Puzzles & Dragons.

Source: Kikuko Inoue’s Twitter Page