Almost five years after their seiyuu’s contracts expired and conducted their “FINAL LIve” together, μ’s is back! This time, they released a brand new music video together, and its title is “A song for You! You? You!!”.

They will be releasing the song as a single on 25th March 2020, and it will also come bundled with a disc containing the music video above. KLab Games and Bushiroad’s Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars gamem which will be releasing its global version on 25th February, will also be featuring the song as well.

Many people thought it they saw the last of μ’s when the franchise has moved on with its second group, AQOUR, as well as the fact that the contracts of μ’s Seiyuu expired all the way back in April 2016. There’s also the fact that they held the Final Love Live! concert in the same month as the time of expiry of the μ’s seiyuu’s contracts. However, the μ’s members still reprised their roles in various Love Live! games, as well as collaborations.

Honoka’s seiyuu, Emi Nitta, cleared the rumors surrounding μ’s break-up, and said that they will still be together, and μ’s Final Love Live! will only be the final concert by themselves, as they will be giving more emphasis to their successors, AQUORS from love Live! Sunshine. The rumors spread when it was reported by Tokyo Sports Web that the contracts for nine members of μ’s will expire by the end of March 2016, and that they will not be renewing it any further.

Source: Love Live! Official