Japanese singer/singer-songwriter Masayoshi Oishi took to social media to announce that he is going on hiatus. In his Twitter Page, the Nozaki-kun OP singer announced that he will undergo surgery to remove vocal cord polyps.

His break will begin in April, though he announced that he will resume work in May for his comeback solo concert “Sekai ga Kimi wo Hitsuyou to Suru Toki ga Kitanda”. It will happen at the LINE CUBE SHIBUYA in Tokyo on 21 May, 2020.

Oishi is best known for performing the theme songs for various anime, such as Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, Tada Never Falls in Love, Monster Strike The Animation, and Cop Craft. However, he is also a song writer. Did you know that he also worked, composed, and arranged the first OP for Kemono Friends, Yokoso Japari Park he”?

We wish him luck and a speedy recovery for his upcoming surgery.

source: @Masayoshi_Oishi Twitter Page