Ojamajo Doremi is now 20 years old. And with that, they’re celebrating their 20th anniversary in a big way… with a feature length anime film! Its title is Majo Minarai o Sagashite, and the staff have now dropped its newest trailer:

The the trailer reveals, the film will premiere on 15th May 2020 in Japan. It follows a “New Magical Story” about 27-year-old office worker Mire Yoshizuki, a college strudent named Sora Nagase, and a 20-year old freelancer named Reika Kawatani. All three of them are drawn together by a magical gem, and their new “Magical Story” begins.

The original Ojamajo Doremi anime director, Junichi Sato, is returning to the franchise to co-direct the film, alongside Precure franchise episode director Yuu Kamatani. Toei Animation will once again handle the animation production, while Yoshihiko Umakoshi is working on the character designs.

source: Toho official TouTube Channel