Seiyuu Junichi Gotou, best known for voicing Inferno Cop, has now passed away. He died due to head injuries when he crashed his motorcycle into the Shuto Expressway’s Haneda Route in Tokyo’s Oota Ward last 24th February. He was 40-years old.

Paramedics actually rushed Gotou into the hospital alive. However, his head injuries were too much, and he eventually passed away.

A driver reported the incident to an emergency hotline. He reported that a motorcycle passed him by on his right side, before hitting the side wall. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Expressway Patrol is still investigating the cause of the incident.

Gotou is the voice of Inferno Cop, who appeared in his own anime, as well as making various cameos in other Studio Trigger anime. The seiyuu also appeared in minor roles in other anime, such as SSSS.Gridman and Ninja Slayer.

Source: Kyodo