For those who want to work in the Japanese animation industry, there is actually an anime job fair called [email protected] Work. There are all sorts of jobs, so if you’re not too good at drawing, there might be another job for you. And to help promote the job fair, “actual anime industry workers” Aoi and Ema from Shirobako have joined in as their new ambassadors.

The first day will happen on 3rd March, and Aoi is helping out! It will feature non-artistic jobs, such as production assistants like Aoi herself. They urge non-artistic students to join, and they can even connect with non-artistic workers in the anime industry!

But if you really like drawing and into animation, Ema will be promoting the second day, which happens on 4th March. This is for the more creative students who want to break into the industry.

Several big name animation studios are also participating in the jobs fair, so it’s a good chance for aspiring animators to try and break into the industry.

As for Shirobako itself, the collaboration also promotes the upcoming Shirobako Movie. It premieres on 29th February, and will be a direct sequel to the TV anime.

Source: Otakomu