In an interview with Allociné , a French cinema news website, director Christophe Gans has announced he is currently working on two video games-based films. These are Fatal Frame and a new Silent Hill film.

During the interview, Gans stated that Fatal Frame will try to be loyal to its Japanese roots. Gans stated that he does not “want to root the movie out of its initial atmosphere: the Japanese haunted house.”

As for the new Silent Hill film, this will mark the director’s return to the franchise. He previously directed 2006’s live-action Silent Hill film. That movie, despite not doing so well with critics, is still one of the highest grossing video game-based films ever. Gans stated that the new movie “will still be set in that ‘small American town’ atmosphere, where puritanism devastated everything.”

The 2006 film starred Radha Mitchell and Sean Bean. It received a requel in 2012 titled Silent Hill: Revelation, though MJ Bassett would replace Gans as director for that one.

As for Fatal Frame, it also previously had a live-action adaptation back in Japan. The franchise is known as Zero in Japan, and its live-action adaptation was screened back in September 2014. They announced the Hollywood adaptation back in 2003, and this looks like this would be it finally happening.

Source: Allociné