Ahhhh scalpers. These people usually buy games and consoles out, make them go rare, and sell them at higher prices. Recently, Japanese stores increased the buyback prices of Nintendo Switch consoles to 40,000 yen, and Ringfit Adventures to 23,000 yen. Naturally, Scalpers jumped onto this is bought tons of of these items to resell. Problem is that in just one day, the prices crashed.

Back in 17th February, Ring Fit Adventure resale prices were up around 24,000 yen. On the very next day, 18th February, it crashed down to 10,500 yen. That’s a 50% decrease in price in just around 24 hours. Yikes.

On those same days, the resale price of the Switch consoles also crashed down to 32,000 yen.

The main reason for the crash, The COVID-19 Coronavirus. This is because consoles being bought back by Japanese stores are usually shipped to China to be resold. However, the virus outbreak meant that shipping between Japan and China has been slowed down somewhat. This has affected the prices of the console’s resale value, as the demand has become significantly lowered.

In short, those who bought Switch Consoles and Ring Fit Adventure just to resell them shot themselves on the foot. I guess they have to find another way of trying to resell them and maybe even break even.

Source: Hachima Kikou via Nintendo Soup