Yhon, the manga editor for Nakaba Suzuki’s The Seven Deadly Sins manga, recently revealed that color printing for the manga’s 40th volume has now begun. However, in that photo, it shows an announcement from mangaka Nakaba Suzuki himself! The mangaka revealed in an Author’s Note that The Seven Deadly Sins only has “one more volume left”.

This means that the manga will be ending in the next volume, which is Vol. 41.

Vol. 40 will ship on 17th February, while there’s still no word on the final volume’s release in Japan.

Back in May, Suzuki revealed that the story has reached its climax. He also previously hinted in an interview last that The Seven Deadly Sins manga will be ending soon.

As for the TV anime, Studio DEEN has taken over animation production. Unfortunately, the anime is now inspiring a few memes for its less-than-stellar animation.

Source: Yhon’s Twitter account