The studio behind your name. has announced their next anime project, and it will adapt the Oshiete Hokusai! manga by Naoto Iwakiri. The studio revealed that they will talk about the project during a staff presentation at the Tokyo Anime Film Festival (TAAF) on 15th March.

The mangaka, Naoto Iwakiri, will be directing the project himself. He will also be hosting the presentation for the project during the TAAF, along with several staff members.

The manga follows a high school slacker named Tenkorin Okakura. One day, she dreams of a painter god and makes a wish to make her dreams come true without any effort. The god, Raijin, hears her wish, and summons actual historical Japanese artists to teach her. With their help, Tenkorin is now aiming to become an actual painter.

source: CoMix Wave Films