Hita City in Oita Prefecture is certainly celebrating their hometown boy in a big way. On 5th April, the city will unveil life-sized bronze statues of Eren, Armin, and Mikasa near Oita Dam. Of course, the dam itself served as the inspiration for many of the walls in Attack on Titan’s story.

Crowdfunding efforts provided the cash to build these statues, and it raised over 29 million yen. They also plan to raise a statue of Levi in frot of JR Hita Station. They will also use crowdfunding efforts for the statue, and they plan to erect it by July 2020.

As for the trio, they plan to unveil the statues on 5th April at 11am. A ceremony will take place during that time at the Ooyama community center and the Hitarinkou High School. Isayama is an alumni of that school. They plan to livestream the event via the prefecture’s official website.

Source: Oita Press