The Hiiragi Twins have been drawing visitors to Kuki City since Lucky Star first aired. In fact, they helped get Washinomiya Shrine, where the two work as miko, get 100,000 visitors each year. They are now even the shrine’s unofficial mascot. And now, as Kuki City celebrates its 10th anniversary, they will be releasing a special manhole cover featuring Kagami and Tsukasa themselves.

The city is releasing the cover along with another one, which also sports a pair of sisters. This second manhole cover features Akane Kurihashi and Minami Kurihashi from Railway Daughter.

There will also be the smaller water valve versions of the manhole covers as well:

Kuki City resulted in the merger between the city of Kuki and the towns of Kurihashi and Washimiya. In fact, that is where Washinomiya Shrine is, and it serves as an anime pilgrimage site to fans of Lucky Star from all over the world.

Source: @kamijoee Twitter Page via Otakomu