The 13th and final episode of Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story finally aired. However, it seems that this isn’t really the end for the series. As the anime ended, it announced that a second season is indeed happening for the TV series.

Set in a city known as Kamihama, a strange power is guiding magical girls there. However, it seems that the town is also attracting powerful witches as well. Magical girl Iroha Tamaki arrives in the town and meets several other magical girls. There, she solves various mysteries as she tries to find her missing sister, Ui.

Gekidan Inu Curry served as the anime’s chief director. while Madoka Magica TV anime director Yukihiro Miyamoto served as assistant director. Meanwhile. Junichirou Taniguchi also returned as character designer. Expect the staff to reveal more details about this second season soon.

Source: Comic Natalie