The Sailor Moon franchise is getting its own ice show titled Sailor Moon Prism on Ice. It boasts an allstar cast of figure skaters. And now, the staff have released a new key visual of Russian figure skater and Sailor Moon fangirl Evgenia Medvedeva in costume as Sailor Moon/ Usagi Tsukino.

Medvedeva has gained a reputation among anime fans as a huge Sailor Moon fangirl, and she will finally be playing Usagi/Sailor Moon in an official production for the very first time! The staff revealed other cast members as well:

  • Satoko Miyahara as Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno
  • Mirai Nagasu as Sailor Mars/Rei Hino
  • Alissa Czisny as Sailor Jupter/Makoto Kino
  • Becky Bereswill as Sailor Venus/Minako Aino
  • Andrew Poje as Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba
  • Jason Brown as Kunzite
  • Takahito Mura as Jadeite
  • Dylan Moscovitch as Nephrite
  • Seiya Hashimoto as Zoisite
  • Mamiko Sakamaki as Queen Beryl
  • Anza as Queen Serenity

Takuya Hiramitsu, who handled scripts for various Sailor Moon musicals, will also be writing the scripts for this one. In addition, the original Usagi herself, Mitsuishi Kotono, will be providing voice overs during the show, along with other cast members from Sailor Moon Crystal. The show itself will happen from 5th-7th June 2020 at the Kose Shin Yokohama Skate Center in Yokohama. General ticket sales will begin for the public on 16th March 2020.

Source: Comic Natalie