Back in the 90’s, Slayers was one of the most popular anime around, and that’s saying something. And as the franchise prepares to release its 30th anniversary album titled “MEGUMIXXX,” they certainly hit the nostalgia button hard with a new animated PV:

The PV itself features various scenes from the anime, as well as the song “two thumbs up!” by seiyuu Megumi Hayashibara. Of course, Lina Inverse is one of the seiyuu’s most iconic roles, and helped propel her to stardom.

As for the album, it features three discs worth of songs from The Slayers TV anime project.

MEGUMIXXX is now available in Japan, and it costs 3,000 yen. The album’s first-printing limited edition also comes with a special case and a 40-page photo book as well.

Hajime Kanzaka’s The Slayers light novels inspired five TV anime series, as well as several OVAs and animated feature films. It launched in 1990, as remains one of Fantasia Bunko’s most popular titles ever.

Source: Comic Natalie