TK from Ling tosite sigure will always be linked to Tokyo Ghoul. The artiste has performed various theme songs for the anime, particularly, its famous first OP song, Unravel.

And now, Tokyo Ghoul’s mangaka, Sui Ishida, has illustrated new artworks for his upcoming fourth album “Sainou”. The jacket illustration features TK himself.

“1st Press Limited Edition” release

Standard Edition release

The album will hit the shelfves on 15th April 2020, and will include 13 tracks. These include Tokyo Ghoul:re Final Chapter’s OP song, “katharsis”. It will include the song “Sainou -Sui Side-“, which features lyrics written by Sui Ishida himself.

Since Tokyo Ghoul ended, the mangaka has been quite busy with numerous illustration works. These include jacket illustrations for MIYAVI’s 2019 album “NO SLEEP TILL TOKYO,” as well as working as character designer for Broccoli and Happinet ‘s Jack Jeanne project.

Source: Sony Music Associated Records