Hayao Miyazaki is quite infamous for being a grumpy old man. And like most grumpy old men, he doesn’t seem to understand technology, or even want to learn about it. And because of this old school style, Ghibli pretty much had a ban on digital streaming for their films. However, things changed when they teamed up with HBO Max, and then Netflix for online streaming releases of their films.

Suzuki recently attended an exhibition on Ghibli’s new “The Story of Ghibli Museum” photobook. There, he answered questions regarding streaming services like Netflix and HBOP Max, and why Ghibli decided to lift the ban on them. The producer, who was more business-minded than his other more oldschool colleagues, frankly said that they lifted the so-called “digital distribution ban” to make more money for production. To put it simply, his friend Hayao Miyazaki is currently working on a new movie titled “How Do You Live?,” and they needed some more money in producing it.

Netflix has just recently released its second batch of Ghibli films, and it included a few Miyazaki classics like Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. However, Suzuki also pointed out that while his films are now streaming via Netflix, Miyazaki doesn’t even know what these services are. He also says that the legendary director doesn’t use computers or smartphones.

That being said, the reporters also asked Suzuki why he chose Netflix. To this, he admitted that he is more open-minded and actually likes the newer technology. He also says that he is “interested in the new movies that are being made on Netflix”. As a film creator, he admits that while cinematic and home video releases are important, it’s also important to go with the times and also do digital distribution.

Source: Huffington Post Japan