Mangaka Osamu Nishi went to Twitter to proudly announced that the anime adaptation of his Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun is getting a second season! He even posted an artwork featuring Iruma and the “Demon King” to celebrate.

Nishi also announced that this new season will premiere sometime in spring 2021. Expect the staff to announce more details soon as well.

The anime’s second season is currently ongoing. In fact, you can watch the anime for free via Muse Asia’s official YouTube channel:

Here’s how Muse Asia describes the anime’s story:

Welcome to a laughter-filled Demon World! Iruma Suzuki is a good-natured young man who cannot turn down any request. One day, through a miraculous turn of fate, he becomes the grandson of the king of hell, Sullivan. The well-loved Iruma starts to attend the demon academy where Sullivan is the head of the board. While hiding the fact that he is a human, Iruma-kun wishes to live a peaceful school life, but for some reason, he’s always the center of attention. Elite demons pick fights with him, rare demon-girls are attracted to him, and Iruma-kun even finds himself in the crosshairs of the strict student council president. As he encounters each problem, Iruma-kun overcomes it with his inherent kindness!

source: Osamu Nishi’s Twitter Page