Yuuki Kaji will be making his live-action drama debut in Piple: AI and Married Life Has Begun. And now, WOWOW has revealed a new key visual for the upcoming TV series. This new visual also announces the show’s 18th May premiere date in Japan as well.

Piple will be based on a science fiction story by Mariru Harada. In the show, Kaji will play Tsumuki, who marries a humanoid A.I. named Piple, played by Canadian model Ayaka Wilson. He marries her after failing to secure a relationship, and when he marries Piple, she also rejects him on their wedding night, And when poor Tsumuki tries having her fixed, the developer tells him there’s a problem with her, and it can’t be fixed at all!

Meanwhile, Sakurako Oohara (Natsuzora) will also star in the series as Piple’s creator, Kaede Miyama.

Mai Sakai will be directing the series, with Yasuke Taki writing the scripts. As for Yuuki Kaji, he actually voiced the character in the web audio drama. The response was so good that it lead him to star in the live-action adaptation!

Kaji is best known for plenty of starring roles in anime. His most notable ones include Eren from Attack on Titan, Shouto Todoroki from My Hero Academia, and Alibaba from Magi.

Source: Nijimen