To celebrate the upcoming release of Naoko Takeuchi’s “Theatrical Version Sailor Moon Eternal”, three seasons of TV anime “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” will be released online for free via the Sailor Moon Official YouTube channel!

The first 127 episodes of the original “Sailor Moon” TV adaptation that ran from 1992 to 1995 — including “Sailor Moon”, “Sailor Moon R”, and “Sailor Moon S”, will be aired in weekly blocks of ten episodes from 24th April to 23rd July (except for the final block which will run for seven episodes).

Check out the detailed schedule below:

Sailor Moon
Eps 1-10: 24th April (Friday) to 30th April (Thursday)
Eps 11-20: 1st May (Friday) to 7th May (Thursday)
Eps 21-30: 8th May (Friday) to 14th May (Thursday)
Eps 31-40: 15th May (Friday) to 21st May (Thursday)
Eps 41-46: 22nd May (Friday) to 28th May (Thursday)

Sailor Moon R
Eps 1-4: 22nd May (Friday) to 28th May (Thursday)
Eps 5-14: 29th May (Friday) to 4th June (Thursday)
Eps 15-24: 5th June (Friday) to 11th June (Thursday)
Eps 25-34: 12th June (Friday) to 18th June (Thursday)
Eps 35-43: 19th June (Friday) to 25th June (Thursday)

Sailor Moon S
Ep 1: 19th June (Friday) to 25th June (Thursday)
Eps 2-11: 26th June (Friday) to 2nd July (Thursday)
Eps 12-21: 3rd July (Friday) to 9th July (Thursday)
Eps 22-31: 10th July (Friday) to 16th July (Thursday)
Eps 32-38: 17th July (Friday) to 23rd July (Thursday)

“Theatrical Version Sailor Moon Eternal” is the 4th part of the reboot series “Sailor Moon Crystal,” which was initially broadcast in 2016. The film is composed of two parts, with the first part scheduled for release on 11th September 2020.