Cool Japan aims to promote Japanese subculture, from music to anime to games and fashion, as well as cosplay, And it’s only fitting that Japan’s #1 cosplayer would be regarded as one of Cool Japan’s ambassadors, right? Well, on her Twitter page, that #1 cosplayer herself, Enako, just announced that she is now officially a Cool Japan Ambassador!

In her tweet, she says that she will do her best to spread Japanese pop culture, as an ambassador and a cosplayer. She also admitted that it’s one of her goals for 2020 is to get eployed by the government, and couldn’t believe she would achieve that goal so quickly. She would also say that she still feels like she’s dreaming.

Enako is considered a huge celebrity in Japan. So much so that the Japanese media consider’s her as Japan’s #1 cosplayer. She has cosplayed around the world, even serving as the official cosplayer for C3 Anime Festival Asia’s own mascot, Seika. In fact, she even went to Singapore during last year’s event!

Source: Enako’s Twitter Account