Via PR Times: Activ8 Co., Ltd. has announced it will establish a new company “Kizuna AI Co., Ltd.” on 11th May 2020, exclusively to handle production and business management for Kizuna AI, a virtual talent that debuted in 2016.

In addition, voice actress Nozomi Kasuga has been designated as an official adviser, cementing the previous speculation that she was the voice and personality behind undoubtedly the world’s most famous virtual YouTuber.

Thought to be the world’s first virtual YouTuber and host of “AI Channel” on Youtube, Kizuna AI has over 2.7 million subscribers. In addition, her secondary channel “AI Games” also has more than 1.4 million subscribers.

In July 2018 she released her first single “Hello, Morning”, and in October 2018 released a staggering nine singles in a row. In December 2018, she also held the world’s first and largest concert by a virtual talent over the course of two days in Tokyo and Osaka.

Her first EP “Replies” is scheduled for release this month, April 2020.