“Walküre”, the tactical music unit from the popular anime “Macross Δ”, will be releasing their 4th single “Mirai ha Onna no Tame ni Aru” (“The Future is for Women”) on 27th May 2020!

To celebrate the event, a special program “Mirai ha Onna no Tame ni Aru” will be launched on Macross’ official social media on 26th April 2020 at 3:00 PM JST.

• Release Information
“Mirai ha Onna no Tame ni Aru”
27 May 2020
CD + BD: JPY 2700
CD:  JPY 1200

Erratum: A previous version of this article misspelt the song title as “Mirai ha Minna no Tame ni Aru”.