SCRAP has announed that they are once again teaming up with the Evangelion anime franchise. This time, they will be giving fans a special treat with a new Escape Room event titled “Escape from the Collapsing NERV”.

These escape rooms will kick off in 25th June across 11 cities in Japan. Participants will take on the role of NERV employees who must work with each other, as well as Evangelion charaters Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Mari, and Misato. They must all find a way to escape a NERV facility before it crumbles. Misato will be sending transmitted messages, and will even help players evade Angels!

Tickets will go on sale starting 11th April. However, official members of SCRAP’s fanclub can buy them as early as 4th April. These Escape games will happen in Tokyo, Aichi, Hokkaido, Kanagawa, Fukuoka, Ishikawa, Gunma, Okayama, Miyagi, Osaka, and Kyoto. Unfortunately, escape rooms across Japan are still closed as of this moment because of the Coronavirus. However, it seems that SCRAP intends to open them as soon as the crisis is all over, and many Japanese cities re-open their facilities.

Source: Comic Natalie