Wonder Festival has officially announced that Autumn WonFest 2020 has been. cancelled while Winter WonFest 2021 has been postponed; the new dates for Winter WonFest 2021 will be announced in the future. The changes to the schedule of both events have been decided due to continued concerns over the spread of COVID-19.

An unofficial translation of an excerpt of the official statement can be read below:

○ Regarding Wonder Festival 2020 [Autumn]

Currently, the organisers find it difficult to ensure the safety of all exhibitors and visitors, so the event has been cancelled.

■ Application for Wonder Festival 2020 [Autumn]

We regret any inconvenience caused, but all application details are now invalid.

Users can still view “My Page” for now, and the organisers will notify users in advance when it will be taken down.

Please confirm all application details before the deadline.

○ Regarding Wonder Festival 2021 [Winter]

Once the new event schedule has been decided, applications for participation will be re-opened.

All application details received so far will be saved, and will be re-used once applications have resumed.

For more details, please check the WF2021 [Winter] participation manual that will be published on the official website later.

We will announce the decision of whether to hold WF2021 [Winter] again in the future.