The animated sequel to Rumiko Takahashi’s popular manga and anime “Inuyasha” has been announced! Titled “Hanyo no Yasha Hime” (roughly, “The Half-Youkai Yasha Princesses”), the character design will likewise be by Takahashi-sensei and animated by the same production team as “Inuyasha”. “Hanyo no Yasha Hime” is slated for release Autumn 2020, barring any unforeseen delays.

The sequel will feature the daughters of half-brothers Inuyasha and Sesshomaru from “Inuyasha”. Sesshomaru’s twin daughters Towa and Setsuna were separated in childhood by a forest fire, as Towa falls into a time warp and ends up in modern times, and is adopted by Kagome’s younger brother Souta. Setsuna is left behind in the Sengoku Period, where she becomes a youkai exterminator.

Meanwhile, Inuyasha and Kagome’s daughter named Moroha also becomes a youkai exterminator, earning the nickname “Moroha the Youkai Slayer”. After ten years since the twins were separated, the time warp opens up again, reuniting Towa with Setsuna and Moroha. However, Setsuna seems to have forgotten all about Towa, and so the adventure of the three half-youkai girls begins.