Today, on things we found on the internet: Japanese popstar LiSA trended on Japanese Twitter yesterday — 19th May 2020, after someone made a tweet about her becoming famous only because of “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, the popular manga and anime series that wrapped up its finale last 18th May 2020. LiSA sang “Gurenge,” the opening theme song of the anime adaptation.

LiSAkko (LiSA fans) were quick to point out the vocalist’s long and storied career, which stretches back to 2011 when she burst onto the scene with “oath sign” — the opening theme of “Fate/Zero”. Other fans also encouraged newbies to watch “Angel Beats!,” where LiSA was the vocalist for “Girls Dead Monster” — a fictional band within the series.

The original tweet has since been buried under the avalanche of responses, and quite possibly deleted by the poster.

So, what was YOUR first LiSA song? Let us know in the comments!