The global version of “Love Live! School Idol Festival” is celebrating its 6th anniversary! The hit game co-developed by KLab Inc. and Bushiroad Inc. is kicking off celebrations with a slew of in-game activities!

First up, players who log in during the campaign period for 9 days get Love Gems and a Worldwide Poster Girl Title Exchange Ticket! Next, there will be an increased chance for limited edition costumes for μ’s third-years to appear.

Third, players can scout 11-at-once for free, once daily for up to six days, in both μ’s and Aqours modes — for a total of 66 free scouts! Next up, get 6th-anniversary costumes for μ’s third-years via box scouting! Pick one limited edition third-year member and go!

Moving on, “Love Live! School Idol Festival” is bringing “A song for You! You? You!!”, a μ’s song produced after their long hiatus! Get in as much playtime as possible with this song! Next, get special member exchange tickets in the Sticker Shop for a limited time! Then, rank up your favourites by playing live shows during the campaign period to get 10x the EXP!

It’s not an anniversary without special Shop items! Buy 6th Anniv. Deluxe Packs, 6th Anniv. Celebration Packs and 6th Anniv. Love Gem Packs! You can get the 6th Anniv. Exclusive Scouting Ticket which lets you choose a member from μ’s or Aqours to get a UR of in an 11-Scout pull. You can also check out the Love Gem Packs to get more Love Gems for less!

Last but not least, tap the Musical Note icon on the 6th Anniversary event page to progress around the map and gain rewards. Clear each Overall Points goal milestone, based on the total points of everyone playing the event, to earn even more fantastic items!